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Charific Valley, Nighttime

A mysterious fog bank appears from nowhere and covers the Valley of Charizard. Little known to anyone, this fog bank is created by the sparkles that Ho-Oh leaves. They are drawn to the greatest concentration of Fire Pokémon of the same species. There is much magic within this fog...

- - -

Pallet Town, A Few days later

“What? Something’s going on at Charific Valley?”, Ash screamed from the videophone.

“Ow... Don’t yell so loud, Ash. If you want, you can help Misty check it out,” Professor Oak stated.

“Wait... Misty? Don’t get me wrong proffessor, she’s a great friend and all,” Ash said, pausing as he blushed, “But... She’s a Water Trainer. Wouldn’t Blaine be a better choice for this? Or even Tracey?”

“Blaine’s hard to get a hold of, Ash.”

“And I’m too busy helping Professor Oak try to figure out the cause of this.”

“Also, Misty is very good at acting. Do you want to help or not?”

“Of course! I need to make sure Charizard is alright. So what do you want me and Misty to do?”

“Well... You remember hearing about how I used to study Pokémon?”

“Yeah, wearing Pokémon Suits and watching them, wh--- oooh.”

“Yes, Misty already has studied what the Charizard do when, and the situtation has been explained to both your Charizard and Charla, so all you have to do is get over there.”

“Alright. I guess Brock can make sure that May and Max are alright while I go back to help Misty.”

- - -

Charific Valley, a few hours later...

Ash Dropped off his Pokémon with Liza, and met up with Misty. As they were putting on their costumes over their regular clothes (Though Ash refused to go anywhere without his hat), they started up a small discussion.

“So... How did you get talked into this, Misty? I mean, you like Water Pokémon alot more than Fire Pokémon”, Ash asked of her.

“I just wanted to get away from the gym and my sisters...”, Misty said, And because I knew you’d come...

“Al... Alright.”

As they put on the costumes they noticed two things. One, while the costume had a head, they were seeing through the neck - two, the head was animatronic.
- - -

11:00 AM - Before Practice


Ash’s Charizard looked up at him, not exactly recognizing him at first. He cocked his head and roared oiut a slighty confused greating.

“It’s Me, Ash,” Ash said, handing Charizard his old hat, that he had gotten from the pack the Dragonite that brought him to Charific Valley was wearing. Apparently the costumes were made well enough to make one seem like a Charizard, at least, in the fog. Charizard Smiled at his trainer.

“Yeah, could you hang on to this for me? I’ll be wearing my new one until then, but... I’ll want this back after we’re done.”

Charizard nodded and took Ash’s hat and went into a nearby cave for a bit, before returning without it. He must have placed it somewhere inside and then he motioned towards it.

“So this is where Ash and I will be staying, right?”, Misty asked.

Charizard nodded.

“Thanks Charizard. We’ll see you in a few hours for ‘training’,” Ash said.

Charizard nodded in agreement, As Ash entered the cave, followed by Misty.

- - - -

1:00 PM: Flight Training

“Oh joy, flight training. We don’t even know if these things CAN fly,” Ash said from behind Charizard.

“Well, Charla and Charizard will cover for us... I hope.”

Little did anyone notice that the fog was having a strange effect on the ‘newcomers’, or rather, Ash & Misty’s costumes. The wings started to push at their backs, and painlessly punctured through their bodies, until they connected to their skeletal and nervous systems. However, the two thought that it was just the heavy costume wings pushing against .their bodies. The wings then became scaled rather than covered in material used for clothing. They were as real as any part of the body now.

Misty crossed her arms... her wings aslso crossed over her body.

Ash noticed this, “Huh? Hey! Misty look!”

“Huh? What the--?”, Misty questioned.

“The wings work! Looks like we can observe them throughout this whole training excerisse!”

Ash focused as he took off, much the way that his Charizard has done ever since he learned how to fly, followed shortly thereafter by Misty.

Apparently, the flight training was simply making sure that they could fly right that day, flying around the various rock formations in the valley. Ash enjoyed his first time actually flying on his own.

I wish I could do this forever.
- - -

3:00 PM: Melee Battle Practice

“Melee?”, Ash asked, “You mean fighting with our arms and such? They’d TOTAL us - or reveal that these are just costumes.”

“Good point.”

“Think we can ask Charizard and Charla to wing it?”

“I guess...”

Ash walks up to Charizard and Charla, “Umm... could you two spar with us? You know, taking it easy on us?”

Charizard and Charla looked at each other and nodded, and then did the same to Ash and Misty.

“Thanks Charizard, you’re a real pal.”

Charla walked to the other Charizards -Okay, listen up, I’m going to be training Blaze, the female rookie. This is because I can take it easy on her. Her first trainer used her for Pokémon contests, but her current trainer wants to use her for battles like the rest of us. So I have to get her accustomed to battling. Flare will be taking on Ash. The rest of you, pair up as usual.-

The reason for Charla to call Misty “Blaze” was because of her name. With a name like Misty, she would be exposed far too easily.

The other Charizard nodded in agreement, the scarred Charizard - known as Scar, his actual name long forgotten - reluctantly so. He never did like how Charla took to the relative newcomer Flare, Ash’s Charizard. But, Charla was stronger than him, so she currently had the right to choose who she favored. He also didn’t trust this male newcomer. Something about him didn’t look right...

A little later, the battle was on. Ash & Misty grappled with Charizard and Charla. The actual Charizards were hardly pushing as Ash & Misty used their full strength. However, as they were doing such, their arms and legs started burning, but they wouldn’t just give in to attend to it. What they didn’t know was their arm and leg muscles were expanding by the moment. Their feet start merging with the three toed claws on the feet, which start digging into the ground, keeping Ash & Misty rooted in place. Their hands merge with the hand claws, and their muscles have expanded.

Just now, Ash started overpowering Charizard. With a slight gasp of Shock, Charizard started to put in more and more strength, but Ash still didn’t budge. - Alright Ash, if that’s the way it’s done... -

Charizard pumped all of his strenght into pushing against Ash, despite this, Ash and Charizard were even. This surprised Charizard, who, while he knew his trainer was resistant to Pokémon attacks, he didn’t ever recall him having such immense physical strength. Misty on the other hand, was still struggling a bit against Charla, but she did manage to surprise her with her strength. Charla didn’t have to pump as much energy into it, but she did have to up the ante a little.

A while later, the training was over.

“Charizard? Thanks for going easy on me,” Ash said, shaking his Charizard’s claw, before he turned and walked off.

...I didn’t have to... Ash... since when were you so powerful? Charizard wondered as he looked down. Then he noticed the footprints-- no... CLAWPRINTS that the costume left behind looked identical to his own. Wait... that’s impossible... How did the costume leave behind Charizard prints? ...wait... did I even check earlier? That must be it... There’s no way that he...

Misty on the other hand was exausted, as she thanked Charla, and walked off. Charla was impressed that the girl showed so much strength. But... was it possible for a human to get her off guard like that? Not even Liza was able to do that to her...
- - -

5:00 PM: Nightfall

The Charizard (and Ash & Misty) were all spread around the place... While most of the Charizard’s tails were brilliant flames, Ash & Misty’s glowed paley in comparison. But their attention weren’t on their tails at all.

“Wow, it’s night already? I think I had fun today... so is that all?”

“No, they still practice something else at Night after a small break.”

...Maybe I should just tell him/her. They thought at once.

“Ash I/Misty I...”, they said at once, then blushed, tho it wasn’t exactly visible through their costumes.

“You first, Misty.”

“Thanks... Ash... I... I just want to say... I... I think I love you,” Misty said after a moment’s hesistation.

Ash smiled (though again it couldn’t be seen throught the suit), and grasped Misty’s hand with both of his own, and kneeled, “And... I love you too, Misty.”

While they were talking, their bodies were adjusting to the same size as the costumes would show them to be. Their tails became real and connected with their nervous system and spine, and the weak glow of the fabric became a roaring fire. The two stood their, embracing one another, as they listened to the crickets, and watched the stars in the sky while basking in the warm glow of the fire on their tails.

- - -

7:00 PM: Fire Attack Practice

Ash and Misty sat aside from the real Charizard, and watched as they practiced their Flamethrower attacks. They hoped that Charla and Charizard would be able to get them to bypass this excerise (for obvious reasons), but Scar, who had been eyeing Ash strangely since the day began, grabbed Ash by the arm and pulled him over to the training ground.

-Alright Rookie, you’ve been ducking out of this for a while... prove you’re a REAL Charizard by using a flamethrower.-

Ash couldn’t understand him, per se, but he could just TELL what Scar was daring him to do. Ash gulped silently. If he didn’t manage this, his cover would be blown. But could the suit do that? Make a realistic flamethrower? Misty stepped out and put a hand on his shoulder. At least she would be here with him, trying to help as well.

Here goes Nothing... Ash thought.

Ash & Misty both closed their eyes and inhaled deeply. They could feel a strange burning in their lungs.... but maybe that was just the costume...  As they began to exhale, they could feel the heat move up their throat.... and up... and up... What they didn’t realize was their necks were rising in the costume.

Soon the flames rested in their mouths, which were, with slight pain, reforming along with the rest of their heads. They released the flames and opened their eyes. To their surprise, the flame was huge. These suits worked better than they thought... wait... Suits? No... they were Charizard. They didn’t need clothes. Ash used to wear hats, but he outgrew them when he evolved into a Charizard alongside his twin Brother, Flare. Other than that, neither of them have ever worn clothes.

Ash grinned at Scar - Any more questions, Scar? -

Scar grumbled, -No.-

- Good. -

Charizard, alias Flare, felt that this was somehow... WRONG. Ash was his trainer... but he’s acting like a Charizard... even talking like one... He began to walk over to him... wait... WAS Ash his trainer? Or did he just look up to his twin brother as if he was one? He seems to remember knowing Ash from as soon as he was hatched... maybe the other stuff he thought he remembered was just a dream... yeah, that was it. It had to be...

The memories of the new altered timeline filled Flare’s mind. They were brothers. They were seperated when Damon had gotten him and abused him, but was rescued when Ash had came with his girlfriend and his friends.

-Ash...- Flare said, putting his claw on his brother’s shoulder -Good work.-

-Yeah, Thanks, bro.-

The two Charizard headed into their cave, which was larger than most of the others knew. This is where Ash had left his friends while he went training. Sometime later that night, roars of pleasure could be heard from the cave, which didn’t quiet down for quite a while.

- - -

A Few Days Later...

The rest of Ash’s Pokémon have came to the Charific Valley. After staying there for a while, their minds, like that of Ash & Misty, or Blaze as she’s known as now, are altered so the memories match Ash & Misty’s new bodies.

-Hey, Boss! How’d the training go?- Asked Shades the Squirtle. He and Terk the Treeko always referred to Ash as ‘Boss’.

-It went great. But that’s not all...- Ash replied.

-Oh? What else happened?- William, The Bulbasaur asked.

-Well... You see... Ash and I... We... We’ve decided to drop the act. We’re a couple now. I’m going to be having Ash’s eggs in a few weeks- Replied Blaze.

Jean Luc Pikachu hopped up and onto Ash’s Back -Congratulations, Ash! We knew you and Blaze would get together!-

-Yay! Papa and Mama are finally together!- cheered Junior, the Phanpy.

Flare and Charla stood behind them, both smiling. Ash then took one look at his old hats that he had when he was a Charmander and a Charmeleon, respectively.

Life can’t get any better than this.
Another old one, but not quite AS old, as It was written about a year ago. This time, it's a Pokemon TF Story for :iconthreehorn:

Enjoy, and as usual, any artist who wants to draw Ash & Misty's outcome in this story are free to do so.
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