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Toki no Kami
United States
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Favourite genre of music: J-Rock and J-Pop
Operating System: Windows XP
Favourite cartoon character: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Mewtwo, Pikachu, Daria; All the Inuyasha & Ranma cast, Haruhi & Kyon
Personal Quote: Gatchiri yarou!


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Transformation: Seven Green Emeralds - The Chaos Emerald of Invisibility (drawn as seen on the graph), the Chaos Emerald of Invinciibility, the Chaos Emerald of Immortality, the Chaos Emerald of Life, the Chaos Emerald Ring, the Sonic Underground Chaos Emerald and a seventh one shaped like in the special stages of Sonic 3 gather around Toon Sonic and he transforms into Super Sonic.

Required Items: Chaos Emeralds (for Toon Sonic)

Name: Toon Super Sonic (Jaleel White/Kappei Yamaguchi)

Alternate Skins:

Prince Sonic - Normal Toon Sonic dressed up as royalty.

Darkspine - Looks like Dark Super Sonic.

Excalibur - Looks like Excalibur Sonic.

Dark - Looks like Dark Sonic.

Shadow - Colorization similar to Super Shadow.

Silver - Colorization similar to Super Silver.

Speedster Hero - Dressed up like the Flash.

Intro Quotes:
"This'll be over in a Super Sonic Second!"
"Let's do it to it, Super Sonic-style!"
"I'm waiiiiiting...."

Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Super Sonic/Classic Super Sonic: "I can keep up with you now!"
Vs. Hyper Sonic/Classic Hyper Sonic: "Okay, now you're just showin' off."
Vs. Dark Sonic: "Hmm... Looks like you may have gotten a bit much. Guess I'll have to knock it out of you, handsome!"
Vs. Turbo Tails: "Hey there, keed. This stuff worked with you too?"
Vs. Hyper Knuckles: "One minute... HAHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! *ahem* Sorry."
Vs. Silver Sonic: "Psuedo-Sonic again? Now?"
Vs. Sally: "So, what do you think of the new powers, Sal?"
Vs. Bunnie: "I guess it's worth a try, innit Bunnie?"
Vs. Rotor: "Hey, Rote! Think you can check how well this works?"
Vs. Antoine: "Aw, come on Ant. Sit down and take a load off!"
Vs. Overclocked Nicole: "Wow! You too Nicole? That's amazing!"
Vs. Chuck/Mecha Chuck/Lupe/Ari/Griff/Manic/Sonia/Toon Knuckles: "It's thanks to you and everyone else that we finally can use these."
Vs. King Acorn: "Your majesty! I'll fix everything, for your and Sal's sake!"
Vs. Robotnik: "Alright, Robuttnik! Time to end this!"
Vs. Supreme High Robotnik: "Again? Well, I think I can deal with it easier this time!"
Vs. Snively: "S'wrong, Snovley? Ain't you happy to see me?"
Vs. Scratch/Grounder/Coconuts: "You dumbbots really think you can handle me now? Like this?"
Vs. Mama Robotnik: "Eesh. Even like this, she still scares the beejezus out of me."
Vs. Swatbot: "Hahaha. Alright, fine. I'll play a game of tag with you. This time, I'm it, swats."
Vs. Naugus: "I'm going to put an end to this before it starts, creepo."
Vs. Aleena: "Mother...?"
Vs. Dingo: "I think it's best I use this to keep it away from YOU."
Vs. Chaos Dingo: "You want Chaos? Well, here it is!"
Vs. Monkey Kahn/Geoffery: "Hey hey hey! I told you before, move off of Sal."

Intro Quotes Vs. Toon Super Sonic:
Super Sonic: “Well it’s about time! Kept me “waaaiting~” long enough.”
Hyper Sonic: “Okay, yeah. I admit it’s a bit much, but who knows…maybe you can pull this off too.”
Dark Super SonicL “Eh? Who is this?”
Boom Sonic: “Okay. Seriously. Now I’m just feeling left out.”
Classic Tails: “Wow, Sonic! You’re practically glowing now!”
Classic Super Tails: “I guess I needed just a little more, huh?”
Hyper Knuckles: “Grr…that’s it. I especially don’t like this Sonic.”
Super Shadow: “Hrr…I couldn’t say if I could deal with this much of a mouth the first time around.”
Scratch: “Oh no-ho-ho-ho!~~ That’s just not faaaaair!~”
Grounder: “Ehhhhhhhhh!~ The hedgehog’s back…and he’s all glowing now!”
Coconuts: “I leave those chumps alone for one moment and look now…that hedgehog’s unstoppable!”
Sally: “You’re moving so fast now. I can’t keep up with it!”
Bunnie: “I wouldn’t miss this show for the world, shugah-hog.”
Rotor: “Holy abalone! What kind of power is this?”
Antoine: “I must admit…you’re amazing!”
Robotnik: “N-no! This can’t be happening! This has to be a bad dream! Sniiively!”
Supreme High Robotnik: “Those emeralds rightfully belong to me, rodent! With my supreme powers I don’t even have to worry about the likes of you anymore.”
Snively: “W-what?! Where did you get that power!? The Deep Power Stones aren’t capable of that!”
Ixis Naugas: “This power…hshaaa…even I was not aware of it!”
King Acorn: "Its too late, Sonic. There's still a chance for you to escape the Void."
Manic: "Sweet stuff! That's an awesome light show, bro!"
Sonia: “Just remember we need those back at the island after this.”
Toon Knuckles: “Wow. Even I didn’t know they were capable of this.”
Queen Aleena: “Well done. It seems you have finally unlocked the emeralds’ true power.”
Dingo: “W-what the?! That’s what they do?!”
Chaos Dingo: “W-what?! What is that?! I want more of it!”
Evil Sonic: “…the hell?! You couldn’t pull this off last time!”
Scourge: “Damn it! Stole my idea!”
Super Scourge: “Hehehehehe!~ You think your lukewarm emeralds even stand a chance?!”
Overclocked Nicole: “Looks like the both of us have grown a bit since back then.”
Master Mogul: “Hmph! Those emeralds are but a paltry replica of the lifetime of power I have amassed!”
Super Morph: “You were already enough of a pain in the ass with that power already…”

Victory Quotes:
"I'm burning way past cool!"
"I think that's enough for the day! Gotta' juice!"
"Alright, these emeralds are really way past cool!"

Character Specific WIn Quotes:
Vs. Super Sonic: "Looks like we're equal in power, speed, AND dashing good looks!"
Vs. Higher Power Super Forms: "Not sure how I pulled that off..."
Vs. Hyper Knuckles: "Heh... Pink. Suits you, I think, Knuckles."
Vs. Sally: "Don't worry, Sal. This super sonic guy is best with you by his side!"
Vs. Bunnie/Mecha Chuck: "I-- I don't know know why It didn't work. I was told together these could do miracles..."
Vs. Rotor: "Ah--- whoops! Didn't mean to short it out there, Rotor."
Vs. Antoine: *Whoopie Cushion Sounds* "Hahahahahaha! Got a Super sense of humor too!"
Vs. Chuck: "Unc! It worked! You're back to normal!"
Vs. Overclocked Nicole: "Didn't really think Pink was your color, Nicki. Guess I was wrong."
Vs. Lupe: "You guys do your thing. I'm taking this fight right to Buttnik!"
Vs. Ari: "Alright. I can take it from here, Ari."
Vs. Griff/Monkey Kahn: "Okay. As long as you stop makin' eyes at my gal Sal, we're cool."
Vs. King Acorn: "Come on, your majesty! There's not much time!"
Vs. Robotnik: "You're through once and for all, Robuttnik!"
Vs. Supreme High Robotnik: "Didn't even need to time travel this time!"
Vs. Snively/Scratch/Grounder/Coconuts/Dingo: "You'll never learn, will you?"
Vs. Mama Robotnik/Naugus: "Still, nothing a little super sonic power can't solve!"
Vs. Geoffery: "Something about you just rubs me the wrong way, stinkbomb."
Vs. Manic: "Ah, don't worry. I'll give you a try next time, bro."
Vs. Sonia: "Don't worry about it, Sonia. Athair said this is the right way to do it!"
Vs. Aleena: "M-Mother, you wait right there! I'll get Manic and Sonia!"
Vs. Toon Knuckles: "What's wrong? Did you never think to try it for yourself, or did Athair tell you no?"
Vs. Chaos Dingo: "There's some chaos for you - right in your face!"

Win Quotes vs. Toon Super Sonic:
Super Sonic: “I got to hand it to you. That wasn’t bad for a first try.”
Hyper Sonic: “Admit it was wishful thinking, but points for trying.”
Dark Super Sonic: “Loud mouthed fake! Die!”
Boom Sonic: “Okay…maybe I need to check those ruins one more time. Just to be sure.”
Classic Tails: “Don’t worry, I’ll catch up with you someday.”
Classic Super Tails: “Think I’ll ever be able to do this again?”
Hyper Knuckles: “That super sense of humor is a pain in the butt sometimes.”
Super Shadow: “Is that all? Not even close to the power that once saved the planet.”
Scratch: “Whoa-ho-ho. Did I actually win for once?”
Grounder: “Uh…maybe we shouldn’t do this time travel thing anymore.”
Coconuts: “See!? See?! You guys needed me to keep this Chaos Emerald caper under control! Eyehehe!~”
Bunnie: “So tell me…how did that Universalomander showdown go again? Sorry to say ah dun missed that part.”
Rotor: “Whoa! The alarm to my lab went off! Did you honestly just get there and back?!”
Antoine: *Fart sound* “Eguggh!~ Zen again…I am maybe preferring you as ze mild-mannered hedgehog.”
Robotnik: “Hooo~…well that was overwhelming at first, but it appears my least favorite rodent has burned himself out.”
Snively: “I have no records of this! Just what in the world is a Chaos Emerald?!”
Supreme High Robotnik: “There’s still just one of you and I am all powerful! Now enjoy extinction at the dawn of my new universe, pipsqueak!”
Ixis Naugas: “You may just be my key to escaping permanently, quickster.”
King Acorn: "Incredible! Could it be...that with that power I'm back on Mobius?"
Manic: "So any chance I can have a turn with that?"
Sonia: “Also…where did those other five come from?”
Queen Aleena: “Use that power well, my Sonic. We’ll meet again someday.”
Toon Knuckles: “Its all the more reason I need to protect the emeralds, but if there’s anyone else I trust with them, its you.”
Dingo: “Hrm…with that power…I’d be running Robotropolis in no time!”
Chaos Dingo: “Even you ain’t a match for me now, hedgehog!”
Evil Sonic: “Hehehehe. No wonder the Zone Cops overlooked your lame excuse of a world.”
Scourge: “Collecting emeralds from different worlds is gonna be my racket soon enough.”
Super Scourge: “On the other hand…maybe immortality ain’t such a bad idea.”
Overclocked Nicole: “It’s a different kind of power, but I’m glad to see we can help each other in our own way.”
Master Mogul: “Eternity ill suits such a juvenile counterpart such as yourself.”
Super Morph: “Mrr…not like the usual is that much better either.”

Defeat Quote: "Out of power!? Bummer Majoris..."

Basic Attack Combos: "Yo!" Sonic punches forward several times and increasing in speed each time, then he leaps up into the air, strumming his guitar and sending out sound waves several times before ramming into the enemy.

Air Attacks: Sonic strikes with several kicks before pulling out his guitar "Rock out!" sending out several shockwaves and chords before striking the enemy with a powerful axe kick.

Launcher Attack: "Time for a spin cycle!" Sonic tosses his Power Ring into the air which spins quickly in a circle, creating a tornado - it quickly returns to him.

Throw: "Gotta' Juice!" Sonic speeds around the enemy in a circle several times until they get dizzy and fall over - then he rams into the enemy from behind their original position at super speed.

Counter Attack: Sonic phases through the enemy and ends up behind them before kicking them, "That's no good!"

Lunge Attack: Sonic rams the enemy with a powerful flying headbutt.

Special Trait: Super Sonic can fly freely.

Special Attack Moves:

Mega Medallion - "Time for a Super Sonic Solo!" Sonic flies around the enemy as he forms his guitar and rocks out, sending sound waves, musical notes, and lasers all flying at the enemy from multiple angles. "And now the finale!" Finally he preforms a final flourish while right over the enemy, sending a mega sized laser down on them.

Deep Power Super Strike - "I need even more power!" Sonic pulls out the deep power stones and clashes them together, causing him to flash in Hyper Sonic's colors. He starts to rev a spindash while on the enemy, comboing them until he blasts forwards, dragging them along the ground and them he throws them skyward, "and now..." Sonic rams into the enemy while surrounded in energy, a multicolored energy trail following him. As he rams into them at the end, he expends the extra energy and reverts to Super Sonic, sending the enemy hurtling to the ground.

Night of a Thousand Super Sonics - Sonic kicks the enemy away before charging, "Power of Life and Invulnurability!" Several Super Sonics appear around Sonic, including versions of his ancestors, Masonic and Aman-Rapi together they fly around the enemy, all ramming into them and spindashing from different angles. "And all together now!" Finally they all preform a massive energy empowered spindash into the enemy, before they all return to their own times/lifestreams and fade away, "Thanks."

Strategic Attack Moves:

Power of Invisibility - "Outta' sight!" Sonic channels the power of the Emerald of Invisibility and fades from sight. The enemy's attacks will now miss more often.

Ring of Ultimate Velocity - "Alright! These work together!" Sonic puts on the Ring he got from Sally and starts glowing with a golden glow, similar to the glow from the Christmas Special. Sonic's speed is now increased.

Rush/Projectile Moves: Sonic spindashes into the enemy.

Transformation: A staff floats before Tails. He grins a wicked Grin and grabs the staff a dark purple cloak forming around him.

Required Items: Ixian Magick (for Miles "Tails" Prower)

Name: Ixis Tails (Kate Higgins/Ryo Hirohashi)

Alternate Skins:

Simple - He looks the same as normal Tails but with a slightly darker palette.

Miles - Miles as an evil wizard instead of Tails.

Tiny Evil - Dressed up like Velgar from League of Legends, down to the black and yellow eyes.

Corrupted - A corrupted Tails with claws, additional tails, and a tattered scarf.

Traitor - Tails wearing wicked mystic gauntlets and other pieces of armor.

Turbo? - Turbo Tails's cape in tatters and glowing eyes with signs of familiar swirls in them.

Dark - Tails with Grey fur, glowing yellow and with red eyes. 2nd Color scheme is Black with tan highlights and yellow eyes.

Completely Different - Dark Orange fur, long black boots and gloves and red cuffs, with glowing red eyes.

Intro Quotes:
"By the power of Ixis himself, this is my destiny!"
"Get out of my way or prepare to be atomized!"
"My future is... crystal clear."

Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Sonic/Knuckles: "You were never important! It's always been all about the true Chosen One, me!"
Vs. Super Sonic: "Oh what's this? You're actually going to try to hurt me?"
Vs. Ultra Sonic/Hyper Sonic: "N-No, that power. S-Stop it! You'll-- uh.. kill me!"
Vs. Dark Sonic: "...This one might be tough, even for me."
Vs. Werehog Sonic: "You're just a mutt who needs his obedience training in this state."
Vs. Darkspines Sonic/Excalibur-Sonic: "What's this? Have you been keeping secrets from me, Sonic?"
Vs. Tails: "You mean the Anti-Tails? Ha! He wishes he were half as powerful as me!"
Vs. Classic Tails/Boom Tails: "What's this? Were you the weak hearted Tails who broke up the Transformation of Titan Tails?"
Vs. Turbo Tails: "I'm sick and tired of doing things the 'good' way, don't you agree?"
Vs. Hyper Tails/Classic Super Tails: "I always wondered what they were made of. Now I can tear them from limb to limb to find out!"
Vs. Chaos Knuckles: "You honestly think the power of a single living emerald is enough to best the Chosen One's magic?"
Vs. Neo Enerjak/Dark Enerjak: "No Enerjak has ever been able to face up to the might of raw magic!"
Vs. Shadow: "The Ultimate Artifical Lifeform is nothing compared to the ultimate magics. Just watch."
Vs. Rouge/Fleetway Rouge: "How about you work for me. I can grant you all the gemstones you require, Rouge."
Vs. Mighty: "You've turned away from the powers that you could have been presented! You are a fool!"
Vs. Hooligans/Destructix: "You served him, now you will serve me."
Vs. Blaze: "You know... The Jeweled Scepter will make a perfect addition to our Ixian corrupted treasures."
Vs. Silver: "Bet you didn't expect it to be me, did you?"
Vs. Merlina: "I am no mere blacksmith. I am a master of the magical arts!"
Vs. Dark Queen: "This may actually be a magical duel worthy of my talents. Heh heh."
Vs. Witchcart: "Oh look who it is. How long has it been? Four years? More? Whatever."
Vs. Magic Coconuts: "Oh - so the Master's little butler thinks he's a full grown mage, does he?"
Vs. Chris: "What do I care about other people's losses? My destiny... All of it says I should get what I want!"
Vs. Cryo: "...Get out of my way and I won't hurt you."
Vs. Cosmo: "Y-You're alive? The spell worked!"
Vs. Sally: "What's wrong, Aunt Sally? Haven't you wanted me to grow up this whole time?"
Vs. Freedom Fighters: "What use are friends, anyway?"
Vs. Dulcy: "Oh, yes. Dulcy... I need you to deliver a message to my former friends."
Vs. Ixis Naugus: "I've learned all I can from you. Now is the final test."
Vs. Geoffery: "Now now... You have no need to hide from a fellow Ixis mage."
Vs. Dark Geoff: "Well then. How about a proper wizard's duel?"
Vs. Kodos: "Calm yourself Warlord Kodos. We are on the same side."
Vs. Lazaar: "Ah, Lazaar. The most evil wizard on Mobius, if I remember correctly?"
Vs. Mina: "Now now... No use fighting it - you've got enough Ixis Magicks in you for two."
Vs. Dark Mina: "Now, my lovely siren of the dark. Shall you show me what the mixture of magic has given you?"
Vs. Merlin: "What's wrong, Uncle Merlin? Shouldn't you be glad I'm folliowing in your footsteps and taking the way of magic?"
Vs. Amadeus: "You know, everything you told me when you were locked up. You're right. Why do I need to keep doing what they want me to, when I could just have everything my way?"
Vs. Barby: "You know, you shouldn't be such a tease. Now I'm going to have to make your life miserable."
Vs. Iron Queen: "Your Technomancy is nothing compared to all the magic I've acquired!"
Vs. Scourge: "You vs. Me. The Prize... Fiona."
Vs. Fiona: "So... Now that I've thrown everything away, and have all the power you could desire, how about dumping Scourge and sticking with me?"
Vs. Mammoth Mogul: "Yes, I've decided that being tied to all of them has been doing nothing but holding me back."
Vs. Master Mogul: "You-- you're treating me as your attack dog, the same as you were that fool Naugus! I'll get you for this!"
Vs. Arctur: "Join me, Dragonkin, and we'll make everyone regret that they ever dismissed your kind."
Vs. Ebony: "You honestly think you can 'save' that monster? You don't understand anything at all about reality."
Vs. Morrian: "I can't believe you honestly fell for my lies about the Hero of Mobius. You Nameless Zoners are truly the biggest of fools!"
Vs. Errol: "Surprised that the one who threatens your kingdom is one of your very own allies, Errol? Or would you know about this kind of thing after you pulled it?"
Vs. Mysterious Traveller: "Coolest dude alive? Haha! You really hear yourself talking?"
Vs. Omen: "Hmm, here's a spellcaster I've only heard of in passing."
Vs. Axel/Iggy: "I'll be relieving you of those gauntlets and planet keys now."
Vs. Hot-Blooded Axel/Cold-Blooded Iggy: "You honestly think that those will let you stand a chance? You don't even know how to use them!"
Vs. Alexander: "The Shining Force is becoming nothing but an eyesore. I'm going to do the world some good and put them out of it's misery."
Vs. Blade: "Looks like you were right about me after all, Blade. I was nothing but trouble for Sonic."
Vs. Dragon Timothy: "But I'm Merlin's nephew. Do you really think you can put me down in good concience?"
Vs. Tidal: "Oh. You're that newcomer to the Fourty Fathoms."

Intro Quotes vs. Ixis Tails:
Sonic: “Tails…don’t make me fight you.”
Boom Sonic: “I know enough about Tails that he wouldn’t pull anything like that.”
Boom Tails: “What’s with the weird wardrobe?”
Toon Sonic: “Tails?! What’s going on, keed?! This isn’t like you!”
Tails: "Miles? Is that you?"
Classic Tails: “At least I’m not you!”
Amy: “You’re not Tails! Who are you?!
Silver: “No way. Did history change somehow?!”
Wave: “Trying out a new toy, shrimp?”
Merlina: “The blacksmith…but you have something greater now.”
Dark Queen Merlina: “It seems we have both fallen then.”
Wendy Witchcart: “Whaaat?! How can this fox be using the same power as us now?!”
Speedy: “Just what are you trying to pull now, freak?”
Cosmo: “Tails…is this you?!”
Magic Coconuts: “What-what-whaaaaat?! Even the fox brat has an angle against me?!”
Sally: “Tails…why would you do this?”
Ixis Naugas: “You seek to succeed my place in the order? See if you can, child.”
Manic: “Whoa, dude! Who’re you!?”
Dark Geoffrey: “So one of those kids think they’re in the big leagues now?”
Mina: “Is this Mogul again? You have to fight it!”
Barby: “Wait a tic. What’s this? Did Crocbot get a hold of you?”
Scourge: “I was hoping to teach a lesson to the brat that took my castle, but guess you’ll do.”
Fiona: “I admit you have some edge now, but you’re still just a bratty lovesick kit.”
Mammoth Mogul: “I see I was right to set my attention to you more than even the hedgehog you’ve long followed.”
Master Mogul: “A pity. It seems you are in the end still an enemy to me.”
Croctobot: “Do you think we’re actually afraid of you!?”
Johnny: “You don’t got anything to prove to us, Tails!”
Errol: “This can’t be…you would give in to dark magic?”
Morrain: “You! You would turn your back on everything the Enchanter Kings have worked for?!”
Ebony: “Actually…someone else might need my help now, luv.”
Bezeker Errol: “That power is not unlike that of my master. Give it to me!”
Hot-Blood Axel: “Shut your damn trap!”
Cool-Blood Iggy: “…I won’t go easy…”
Morph: “I already know you’re the true self. You’re just a shadow.”
Blade: "Tch. You always did like to run your damned mouth."
Naruto: “So you’re turning your back on your own village?!”

Victory Quotes:
"I am the Chosen One! No-one is more important or powerful than I!"
"As the Zonerunner, nothing matters but getting my own way."
"Sorry, I'm in a hurry. I'd love to pound you more though."

Character Specific Win Quotes:
Vs. Sonic/Sally: "And yet... I can't bring myself to destroy you-- stupid sentimentality!"
Vs. Super Sonic: "Hahaha! I knew you didn't have the guts to really go through with it, Sonic!"
Vs. Ultra Sonic: "That wasn't quite how I thought it'd be... I must be getting stronger, haha!"
Vs. Hyper Sonic: "Stalling him out was all I could do to manage to survive that... I have to make sure he doesn't get his hands on those again!"
Vs. Dark Sonic: "It's a pity. If you weren't so uncontrollable, you'd actually make the perfect minion."
Vs. Werehog Sonic: "Now... To use a spell to bind you to my will. You'll make the perfect attack dog, Sonic."
Vs. Darkspines Sonic: "I-- I don't quite understand... You didn't hesitate at all, and yet you're still trying to get through to me... What are these 'World Rings'?"
Vs. Excalibur-Sonic: "What is this... sword? What is it making me feel?"
Vs. Tails: "To think I was ever this spineless or dependant on technology."
Vs. Turbo Tails: "I can't believe my concience is still trying to divert me from this..."
Vs. Classic Tails: "You're just a child. You can't possibly understand what you made me give up."
Vs. Knuckles: "You're nothing and you've always been nothing. Angel Island and it's echidnas are nothing but a waste of space!"
Vs. Hyper Tails/Super Classic Tails: "Hmm. They seem to be constructs of pure Chaos Energy, as expected. Boring."
Vs. Knuckles/Chaos Knuckles: "You're nothing and you've always been nothing. Angel Island and it's echidnas are nothing but a waste of space!"
Vs. Neo Enerjak/Dark Enerjak: "For the fourth time, the Order of Ixis triumphs over the Enerjak lineage -- you'd think you'd all give up already."
Vs. Shadow: "Pathetic. Why did you ever bother coming back from the dead?"
Vs. Rouge: "Why? You've never let morality stop you before!"
Vs. Mighty/Mina: "You... You will regret giving up the Master's Gifts like this!"
Vs. Hooligans/Destructix: "You make it sound like I gave you a choice."
Vs. Babylon/Armada: "Hahahaha! You lack the magic prowess of your distant ancestors. There's nothing you can do!"
Vs. Blaze/Marine: "After Mobius, your world is next."
Vs. Silver: "What the Master will see in you is far beyond my comprehension."
Vs. Dark Queen: "Your mastery of the Dark arts intrigues me. The Underworld, huh...? Now I know what to learn next."
Vs. Witchcart: "If it weren't for our shared Ixis alignment, you'd be nothing but a black mark on the floor."
Vs. Boom Tails: "Your world isn't even worth the trouble."
Vs. Chris: "So what if I'm selfish? Unlike you, I'm not going to let go of this opportunity to make all my wishes come true! You wasted your chance!"
Vs. Cryo: "Don't you dare lecture me! If this is all a mistake, then it's my choice!"
Vs. Cosmo: "...So that's how it is..."
Vs. Freedom Fighters: "After all, keeping friends never got me anything I wanted out of life. Fiona... Cosmo... Both lost to me."
Vs. Dulcy: "You can tell one's telling the truth right? Then pass this on 'I chose this of my own free will'."
Vs. Ixis Naugus: "I think it's fair to say that I've passed. I guess the only one worthy of teaching me is the one at the top."
Vs. Geoffery: "You're so desperate to keep your cover that you're willing to forfeit your very life to an ally? Pathetic."
Vs. Dark Geoff: "You've had a decade head start on me, and this is ALL you know? No wonder you're the Worthless Apprentice."
Vs. Kodos: "Now that you're done, do you want to know why you were revived?"
Vs. Lazaar: "What kind of Wizard hides behind a construct? You've gone soft in your old age."
Vs. Dark Mina: "Now, that is a song I can get behind."
Vs. Merlin/Amadeus: "I thought you'd be proud. At least someone in this family is making something of themselves."
Vs. Scourge: "And that's it for you. Fiona's mine now and you... You're going back to flying solo."
Vs. Fiona: "So, I have to prove it then? Fine. I'll get rid of Scourge and show you that I'm the more powerful option."
Vs. Mecha-Fiona: "Feh. It's a beautiful artificial creation, but I think I'll search for the real thing!"
Vs. Mammoth Mogul: "As long as you don't keep me from hold me back, I'll be glad to call you Master."
Vs. Master Mogul: "I never wanted it to come to this. Looks like I'm the new master of the Order of Ixis."
Vs. Arctur: "Good, good. Just don't try to alter the big bang. After all, what good is victory if you have nobody to lord it over?"
Vs. Ebony: "I'm not the same Tails as I used to be - so I don't care whether Sonic lives through it or not."
Vs. Morrain/Errol: "I feel that the Nameless Zone will be the prefect base away from Mobius for us Ixian Wizards."
Vs. Mysterious Traveller: "You pick fights way above your own spell level, don't you?"
Vs. Omen: "You rely too much on that gorilla to be much of a challenge."
Vs. Fleetway Rouge: "Well well... You always were the bright one of the bunch, Rouge."
Vs. Axel/Alexander: "Like rats to a trap. I guess that's a bit too on the nose for you though."
Vs. Hot-Blooded Axel: "How dare you call me a hypocrite!? My goals are nothing like your obsession with a girl out of your league!"
Vs. Iggy/Cold-Blooded Iggy: "I wouldn't even have bothered with you if it weren't for these gauntlets. I almost sort of liked you, you know?"
Vs. Blade: "I hope that bit of vindication will put your heart at ease."
Vs. Dragon Timothy: "Hahaha! Your hesistation was your downfall, Paladin!"
Vs. Tidal: "I owe them one, so I'll let them be. I'll even forgive your transgression. Just leave now."

Win Quotes Vs. Ixis Tails:
Sonic: “I was always looking out for you...I didn’t mean for any of this…”
Boom Sonic: “Well…no way we’re winning that best buddy game show now.”
Dark Super Sonic: “Not bad…for a pixel brain.”
Toon Sonic: “I didn’t mean to make it look like I was holding you back, but I was your bro since the very beginning. That don’t mean anything to you?”
Tails: “I’ll never become like that!”
Classic Tails: “I would never run out on Sonic!”
Boom Tails: “If you don’t have room for my friends or even the Tornado, then you’re no other me at all!”
Amy: “Tails would never be some self-serving egomaniac like you!”
Silver: Was there some information master withheld from me?”
Wave: “Dissing science like that. Think I lost what little respect I had for you.”
Merlina: “You are making mistakes even I would not consider.”
Dark Queen Merlina: “You have much to learn.”
Wendy Witchcraft: “I don’t understand. I would have noted potential from this little brat before.”
Speedy: “This victory…it feels shallow somehow.”
Cosmo: “You…you’re not Tails! This can’t be you!”
Magic Coconuts: “Hehehhehe!~ Maybe something did rub off on me if I can even beat you!”
Sally: “There has to be an alternative. Everyone fought for me once after all.”
Manic: “So this is Tails? I’d hate to think what that Sonic’s world is like.”
Dark Geoffrey: “Damn…is he really coming that far?”
Mina: “I would never ask for anything like that…did you really go through with it?”
Barby: “Damn it…this could be more than what happened with Bill.”
Scourge: “Just to make sure no other brats get too big for their asses.”
Fiona: “Took my wake-up call that much to heart?”
Mammoth Mogul: “You may be a worthy apprentice, just be certain not to become my rival.”
Master Mogul: “Congratulations. You’re no longer the Chosen One.”
Croctobot: “Abandoned your mates, eh? No wonder there’s no one to save your hide this time.”
Johnny: “You never did…you were as much as a Freedom Fighter as the rest of us...”
Errol: “I thought you had the potential to be a hero…”
Bezeker Errol: “Hero of the Nameless Zone, you shall aid in the resurrection of the Dark One.”
Morrain: “You’re no better than Trogg now!”
Ebony: “I don’t think this one will be as easy…”
Hot-Blooded Axel: “…the hell would you know? I didn’t betray anyone. I took this up to protect Granite Hill, Mina, and everyone else!!!!~”
Cool-Blood Iggy: “…I’m sorry…”
Morph: “None of that’s worth it at all. Not get the hell off this world.”
Blade: "I don't think I'm too fond of this reality..."
Naruto: “I’m knocking some sense into you and bringing you back…just like Sasuke!”

Defeat Quote: "Did I make the wrong choice after all?"

Basic Attack Combos: "Ha!" Tails punches twice and then strikes with his rod before turning it into a tail strike and then finally hitting the enemy with his rod three more times, the final being an overhead bash.

Air Attacks: "You--!" Tails hovers in place with his tails and strikes with his rod five times before spinning tail attack once, a kick, and finally a powerful overhead slam with the rod.

Launcher Attack: "Hidden waters!" Tails taps the bottom of his staff onto the ground and a geyser of water knocks the enemy into the air.

Throw: "Winds of Despair!" Tails summons up wind that sweeps upt he enemy and tosses them behind him.

Counter Attack: Tails quickly taps on the ground with his staff to cause a seismic wave that stuns the enemy before he uses his magic to toss a large stone "Shattered Earth!"

Lunge Attack: Tails leaps forward, surrounding himself in flame, "Fox Fire!"

Special Trait: Tails can fly a limited time using both his tails and wind to increase his time.

Special Attack Moves:

Lightning Strike - "I'm no longer afraid!" Tails points out with his staff and several lightning strikes travel forward to fry the enemy.

Dark Fissure - "Is that your best?" Tails whaps the ground with his staff, causing blasts to shoot diagonally upward from a fissure infront of himself.

Elemental Trap - "Just try it!" Tails rushes at the enemy, and if he connects, traps them in place with giant power rings, "Nothing can escape me!" Spheres of Fire, Earth, Water and Wind start to pummel the enemy into the air, "And to end it!" Ixian Crystal flys straight at the enemy as a lightning bolt strikes down while the four spheres collide at the foe at the same time, causing a large explosion that Tails walks away from, "You're nothing to me!"

Strategic Attack Moves:

Shadow Meld - "Too slow!" Tails melds into the the shadows and teleports away at a fast pace.

Ixian Rings - "Time for a pick me up" - Tails conjures several rings which lock in place around his staff, now causing all attacks to have elemental properties and empowering the spells he does cast, both causing extra damage.

Rush/Projectile Moves: Tails points out and fires a sharp ixian crystal projectile at the enemy.

Transformation: The seven emeralds surround Mighty and spin around, as his shell starts to glow a lighter peach color, as his arms grow a bit more buff.

Required Item: Chaos Emeralds (for Mighty the Armadillo)

Name: Ultra Mighty (Johnny Yong Bosch/Nobuyuki Hiyama)

Alternate Skins:

New Ultra - Same as normal, but wearing his Post-Reboot clothes.

World - Version from the earlier versions of Sonic World.

New World - Same as World but wearing his Post-Reboot clothes.

Namekian - A Namekian garb.

Intro Quotes:
"Well, I wasn't expecting this..."
"Face the pure might of the elements."
"You sure you want to face me like this?"

Character Specific Intro Quotes:
Vs. Super Sonic: "Master Sloth says this is the best way to learn this."
Vs. Dark Sonic: "Looks like I'm the only one who can stop you here, Super Sonic."
Vs. Ultra Sonic: "Wanna see who's elements are better?"
Vs. Other Supers: "Never seen you go super before."
Vs. Ascended Super Forms: "Don't you think you're going a bit too far?"
Vs. Super Classic Sonic: "You've still got a lot to learn, Sonic."
Vs. Turbo Tails: "Let's prove to Mogul that he can't control us anymore!"
Vs. Ixis Tails/Dark Mina: "I guess it's up to me then."
Vs. Hyper Knuckles: "You may have more experience in Chaos energies, but can you beat my raw experience?"
Vs. Chaos Knuckles: "We're still your friends, Knuckles!"
Vs. Neo Enerjak: "And you call Sonic hard-headed!"
Vs. Dark Enerjak: "If you think I'm going to roll over and let you take my soul, then you're DEFINITLY not Knuckles anymore!"
Vs. Super Shadow: "Ultimate? Then that means this is as far as you can go, right?"
Vs. Ray/Matilda/Bill: "Don't worry. You're still my family, no matter what form I take."
Vs. Egg Beater/Snively: "Not letting you get away with it this time!"
Vs. Time Eater: "Aww... What's wrong, Eggman? Did you forget about little ol' me?"
Vs. Other Eggman Mecha: "Did you think I was scary enough before?"
Vs. Mephiles Phase 2: "You! You'll pay for what you did to Sonic!"
Vs. Solaris/Metal Emperor/Perfect Chaos/Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla/Devil Doom/Biolizard/Final Nova: "Needed just a bit of help for a monster like you."
Vs. Metal Sonic Kai: "Time to dethrone this emperor once and for all!"
Vs. Cryo: "If you think you're surprised, imagine how I feel! I never thought I'd ever manage this."
Vs. Supreme High Robotnik: "Yeah, I got your 'respect' right here!"
Vs. Ultra Naugus: "If it weren't for the things you've done to my friends, I'd probably feel sorry for you here."
Vs. Mammoth Mogul: "We've got some unfinished business."
Vs. Master/Source Mogul: "What's wrong? Surprised that you can't take control of me again?"
Vs. Lightmare: "We can do this either the easy way or the hard way, Lightmare."
Vs. Super Blade: "Ouch. That looked like it hurt."
Vs. Super Goku: "Pardon me if I go all out. Something tells me it's the only way I'd have a chance."
Vs. Trance Red: "That's an interesting change. Well, if you think you can take me on hand to hand, let's do it!"

Intro Quotes Vs. Ultra Mighty:

Victory Quotes:
"Woah! What a rush!"
"I hope I don't grow reliant on this."
"I must grow stronger still."

Character Specific Win Quotes:
Vs. Super Sonic: "How is it you handle this so easily?"
Vs. Dark Sonic: "Sonic. I know by now that this isn't something you can just gain control of."
Vs. Ultra Sonic: "Six elements easily trump three, Sonic."
Vs. Other Supers: "You need more practice."
Vs. Ascended Super Forms: "Whew. I can't believe I made it."
Vs. Super Classic Sonic: "Give it time. You'll be better at it than me eventually!"
Vs. Turbo Tails: "Don't sell yourself short, Tails."
Vs. Ixis Tails/Dark Mina: "I'm sorry that it ended up this way."
Vs. Hyper Knuckles: "You can't just rely on your powers to win the battles for you."
Vs. Chaos Knuckles: "I swear, Sonic was NEVER this stubborn."
Vs. Neo Enerjak: "You really don't have room to judge everyone else."
Vs. Dark Enerjak: "Looks like the Knuckles I knew has been dead for years in your universe."
Vs. Super Shadow: "Ultimate is merely a limitation."
Vs. Ray/Matilda/Bill: "You, my family, are my true strength."
Vs. Egg Beater/Snively: "Don't think we'll ever take that suit lightly again."
Vs. Time Eater: "Too bad I haven't forgotten what you put me through!"
Vs. Other Eggman Mecha: "The bigger you build them, the harder we wreck 'em!"
Vs. Mephiles Phase 2: "Rest in Peace."
Vs. Solaris/Metal Emperor/Alf-Layla-Wa-Layla/Devil Doom/Biolizard/Final Nova: "
Vs. Metal Sonic Kai: "I hope that's the end of the Metallix Brotherhood. This is getting tiresome."
Vs. Perfect Chaos: "I know you really just want to live a peaceful life."
Vs. Cryo: "Who knows? Maybe you have it in you too. I mean Chaos energy comes easy to you, right, Cryo?"
Vs. Supreme High Robotnik: "If you think, under ANY circumstances that I'd work for evil, your sadly mistaken."
Vs. Mogul (any form): "My life is my own to live, not yours."
Vs. Lightmare: "So... Still think I'm a lost cause?"
Vs. Super Blade: "Looks like we've both got a lot more to learn about these states."
Vs. Super Goku: "Somehow, I could tell you were still holding back."
Vs. Trance Red: "I wonder what kind of energy that is that you're using."

Win Quotes vs. Ultra Mighty:

Defeat Quote:

Basic Attack Combos: Mighty swipes with his hand trailed with electrical sparks, preforms a powerful freezing punch, does a roundhouse kick with a small whirlwind, preforms a backflip kick that upheaves a chunk of earth, "eat this!" curls into a ball and lands with an expolsion and then comes out with a splits kick that causes an explosion of Cherry Blossom petals.

Air Attacks: Tosses out a wave of leaves and thorns and bamboo chutes with his hand, does a jump kick that trails with water, an electrified high kick, "Come on!" a spin attack covered in flames, a spinning kick that stays in the air powered by a whirlwind, and finally a powerful axe kick that temporarily petrifies the enemy until they hit the ground.

Launcher Attack: Delivers a powerful uppercut that causes a tornado to launch the enemy in the air.

Throw: "Got you!" Mighty delivers a powerful suplex to the enemy before picking the enemy up one handed and tossing them overhead, "Out with the trash!"

Counter Attack: Mighty crosses his arms as a blue barrier forms around his body, "Not now---" then he does a pose similar to his super form pose which causes said barrier to expand outwards suddenly and blast the enemy away.

Lunge Attack: Does a small spin dash at the enemy before hopping, uncurling and delivering a powerful splash kick, "Ha!"

Special Trait: Mighty can fly freely and can spend extra time underwater.

Special Attack Moves:

Matchless Heat - "Try this on for size!" Mighty punches the ground and pillers of lava erupt from all sides very close to him.

Rising Bubbles - "Here I come~" Mighty charges at the enemy, surrounded by bubbles. If he collides, he dishes out a powerful leaping uppercut with bubbles that also pound the enemy multiple times while rising.

Electric Current - "Okay, let's try this--" Mighty gathers electrical energy in his hands and starts to pound the enemy with an autocombo, shocking them a bit. "Time for the finish!" Mighty ends by big tossing the enemy away from him and finally raising his hands into the air causing a lightning bolt to strike the enemy as they get up from his beating.

Strategic Attack Moves:

Matchless Shell - "I feel better than ever!" Mighty flexes his arm and for a brief time he is able to shrug off weaker attacks, having less chance to be stunned or knocked back.

Elemental Healing - "I can feel the elements..." Mighty concentrates a bit and his health very slowly recovers.

Rush/Projectile Moves: "Ya!" Mighty channels the energy of plants and the sun and fires a ball of concentrated sunlight.
USF: Alternate Forms 1
For :iconomegamorph:'s Ultimate Sonic Fighter.

These are mostly new forms for characters :iconomegamorph: has already posted - mostly what ifs, but we'll see if I get to some that were just not used.

First up is Toon Super Sonic - Obviously a DiC-Inspired Super Sonic.

The second is Ixis Tails - What if Evil version of Tails as an evil Ixis wizard. For Extra Context, this version of Tails did NOT willingly give up his Titan Tails state, several of the other Universe Tails willed the separation, this combined with Fiona's betrayal and the death of Cosmo were enough to send Tails over the edge.

Third is "Ultra Mighty" - A Super form for Mighty based mostly on the Super Mighty from Sonic 1 Megamix, but with a bit of unique flair. The idea for the name came from a pic by :iconlululunabuna:. Note he's meant to be on par with Super forms - the "Ultra" is just a name, akin to Pre-Reboot Archie's Turbo Tails and Hyper Knuckles.

Coming Soon:
Ultimate Sonic (A New Super form exclusive for Modern Sonic, based on Nazo, as drawn by :iconwaniramirez: and rendered by :iconkuroispeedster55:)
Maronic Sonic (A New Super form exclusive for Classic Sonic, taken from "Sonic Chrono Adventures")
Hyper Shadow (A Hyper Shadow form, not as potent as Sonic's, but still very powerful)
Black Arms Shadow (Shadow if completely gone Black Arms - thus another Evil version)
Dark Mina (A Corrupted Mina brought up as a hypothetical by :iconredrojo17:)
Tymon the Porcupine (Omega alt. form created by :iconsowia:)
Super Sonia (as seen in The S Factor: Sonia and Silver)
Super Manic (pretty self-explanatory)
Werehog Scourge (Scourge as a Werehog - pretty feral compared to Werehog Sonic, and accompanied by Dark Gaia from the Off Panel in Issue 286 who acts as his speaker)
Shortfuse R (Shortfuse if the armor managed to override his thought processes - or more precisely, if a villain installed an neural override)
Shorty the Squirrel (Shortfuse out of his armor, with elements taken from :iconwhereidrawtheline:'s character design, StC-O's Scrap Cybernik, and some power gauntlets of his own)

Various characters will also get mecha forms (Amy, Fleetway Amy, Big, Shadow, Rouge, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Blaze, Silver, Jet, Wave and Antoine as well as a half-roboticized Mighty), but they'll likely be put in their own category because of the sheer number.

In Consideration:
Several new Super forms for Sonic, including a form using both Sol and Chaos emeralds, a Fire Sonic, Polem Sonic (from Sonic Chrono Adventure) and Inhuman Sonic (from Sonic Erazor)
Fusion characters ala DragonBall, such as Shadic
A Super form for Sally
and others

If you've got a suggestion drop a line and I'll put it into consideration.
Took challenge from :iconomegamorph:. Got the full version of the questions from :iconinakara: .... though for several I wish I hadn't.

1. Pick one of your OCs.
2. Fill in the questions/statements as if you were your OCs.
3. Tag four people to do this meme!
4. Tell people that they been tagged with a link from your journal.
OC CHOSEN: Blade Wolfe

1. What is your name?
 - Blade Wolfe.
2. Do you know why you were named that?
 - Because of my abilities... which makes me question how they found out about them to name me... I'd--- best not think on that.
3. Are you single or taken?
 - I'm going steady.
4. Have any abilities or power~s?
 - I don't get why you're trailing like that, but in addition to being a pretty good runner, I can create bladed weapontry out of nowhere. Provided I can concentrate.
5. Stop being a Mary Sue!
 - You first. Okay, seriously, outside of my closest friends I have to work REALLY hard to get even the smidgeon of attention, I've had several mental breakdowns... How am I a Gary Stu?
6. What's your eye color?
 - Blue. Are you perhaps colorblind?
7. How about hair color?
 - ...If you mean fur color, it's gray. I'm not like Antoine.
8. Have any family members?
 - My father and little brother, who I have finally managed to find. My mother died though. I guess I have a stepmother and stepsister now, but I don't get along with the latter.
9. Oh? How about pets?
 - Not really, but I help take care of Chao.
10. That's cool, I guess. Now tell me something you don't like.
 - Stalkers and traitors. I also hate being looked down upon.
11. Do you have any activities/hobbies that you like to do?
 - Aside from training, I like to ride my motorcycle, Kaze.
12. Have you ever hurt anyone in any way before?
 - In both of my jobs, it's kinda' a necessary evil. If you mean verbally or emotionally... Yeah, it's happened. I'm not proud of it, and I've been forgiven.
13. Ever… killed anyone before?
 - I'm sorry, my boss Zonic has just informed me - that's classified information.
14. What kind of animal are you?
 - I'm a wolf. As if my name didn't give it away.
15. Name your worst habits.
 - I've got a tendency to not think through how my actions will affect other people. I used to also have a habit of jealousy, but I've gotten over it.
16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
 - Other than my father, you mean? I also look up to Tig Stripe, the founder of the Original Freedom Fighters.
17. Are you gay, straight, or bisexual?
 - Straight.
18. Do you go to school?
 - I did when I could. I've got a lot more responsibilities now though.
19. Ever want to marry and have kids one day?
 - Yes. In fact, Lycos has out and made it clear that if and when we get married, we're going to have kids. So I guess I have no say in the matter. *Laughs*
20. Do you have fangirls/fanboys?
 - To my knowledge, no.
21. What are you most afraid of?
- Becoming irrelevant and forgotten. Also, the possibility of Sonic or one of my protectorate dying.
22. What do you usually wear?
 - Normally, just my blue and light blue sneaks, a belt to carry my sword and white gloves. Sometimes I add jeans. During my Zone Cop work, I wear a Zone Cop uniform.
23. What's one food that tempts you?
 - Hamburgers mostly. Steak's pretty good too.
24. Am I annoying you?
 - Maybe.
25. Well, it's still not over!
 - I figured.
26. What class are you (low class, middle class, high class)?
 - I guess middle through all technicalities.
27. How many friends do you have?
 - Eh? Count my friends? I-- I guess somewhere around ten to twenty? I really don't see the point in COUNTING them.
28. What are your thoughts on pie?
 - 3.141-- oh wait, you mean the food? It's pretty good.
29. Favorite drink?
 - Chao Cola.
30. What's your favorite place?
 - This'll sound cheesy, but I've always found Sunset Hill gorgeous. Star Light city's not bad either, for a more urban feel.
31. Are you interested in anyone~?
 - I told you I was dating right? *sigh* I'm dating Lyco, one of the twins of the Wolfpack. I really don't get how anyone can get her and her sister Leeta confused though.
32.  If you're a girl, what's your cup size? If you're a guy, how big are you?
- ...I hope you're talking about height.  3'4".
33. Would you rather swim in a lake or the ocean?
 - Either's good. I would like to swim in Azure Lake on Angel Island if Knuckles and Uuryan would stop being so protective of their little island, though.
34. What's your type?
 - Serious and straightforward, willing to have adventure. Also a strong caring for justice.
35. Any fetishes?
- ...That's private, thank you. :|
36. Seme or Uke?
- REALLY? :facepalm: You ask someone if they're straight, and then you ask THIS later? When only someone who's NOT straight would have an answer? What's your problem!?
37. Camping or indoors?
 - I don't mind either, honestly.
38. Who are you gonna tag?
:iconlight-the-eastern: :iconcoshi-dragonite: :icontazkol: and :icondabbido:  Anyone else who wants to do it can.


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